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i have decided to add a new, fun little element to my page! to get started, i have to thank one of my five sisters, who i will not name, who was born after audrey and before alli......... anyway, she said since i am new to this whole 'blogging world' i can just steal things from other people's blog sites until i can be creative on my own!! so, i was on michelle's page and she was talking about how she admits to lying to her sweet little boy, ben, but that it isn't bad because it's either to protect ben, or for her own sake! i thought it was great that someone who, i felt, was so perfect, admits to lying to their children, which i think we all do as moms, but only for the good intention of keeping our kids safe, or ourselves sane!..... I THINK IT'S HILLARIOUS what we come up with!so (thanks again michelle!) without further adieu (sp?) i want to start sharing my own examples, and then, whoever feels so much obliged, post your own when you comment so we can all share some laughs together!!1) when you walk in to our house, we have a 'loft' area that looks up/down from the front entry. before we had the kids' beds set up when we first moved in, logan and lincoln were having fun jumping from the first set of stairs onto a matress. okay, not the safest thing in the world, but i was done fighting with them. so, after a few minutes, i hear lincoln yell from the loft to logan "hey, put the mattress under there and jump." he wanted to jump from the loft, prob a good 10-12 feet up, onto the matress! i immediately swiped that idea from their thoughts, and told them if they did, " they would break their heads and go to heaven! " extreme? maybe.... but have they tried? no sir, they haven't!!2) one of my most favorite things to do is sip on a cold diet pepsi. it calms me, you know? it's MY time to pamper myself by letting that wonderful river of cold, burning fiz crawl down my throat, which in return, produces a happier ME!! the kids feel that when mommy eats or drinks something, they get to as well- um, no. as michelle tells her ben, "no, this drink is just for mom's" i have also added "this is just for mommy... it is making my head/tummy feel better." or "it's just for grown-ups to drinki figure this lie is okay. why? when they are grown up, they will forgive me because, one, they will see why pepsi was for mommy, and two, they will prob lie to their kids just as i have to them!!3) this one is prob my favorite since we've moved : we have a gas fireplace (need i say more?!). the switch to turn it on is on the wall next to it. lincoln, the engineer he is, likes to know what makes things work the way they do. as he was exploring all the different switches (lights, fans, etc.) he turned the gas fireplace switch on, it made a sound, and i found myself speaking these words to my dear little lincoln, "turn that off right now. don't you ever turn that switch on again or our house will explode, and we just moved in.....!!" okay, yeah, that was prob a bit extreme again. i'm pretty sure you have to light some sort of a pilot light (obviously- our house DID NOT explode!) before it will even turn on..... i'm just kind of an anxious person, and i don't like the 'un-known'. you just never can be too safe!!4) kids like candy. they like sweets. all kids do. MINE are no exception! they would eat snacks and treats all day if they could, as i am sure, many would. i do pretty good to limit their intake when we are in our own home, but it can get tricky telling them 'no more' when we go to 'grandma and grandpa's' or 'hang' with the cousins, or on vacation (c'mon! they're on vacation. let them eat themselves into a sweet oblivion!!). lincoln once had a bad case of the runs after gorging himself on sweets, and didn't think it was much fun (me either!). so, now when the chidren don't want to stop snacking, i just say, "no more or your bumb will be sick". which, i guess, isn't a total lie depending on how much, and of what, they really eat! but especially now with halloween coming up, i'm gearing up to use this one often!!5) my kids like to follow me around. not when i am just relaxing, or not really doing anything, but when i am trying to make dinner. i love my kids, but (the anxious person i am) i don't like them near the kitchen when i am trying to prepare dinner. my kids are curious little creatures, and have stuck their little paws up on the burners before (not too worry- when the stove was off, luckily, but what if, you know?). well, they like to reach up to see what i am making, or look in the oven to see if anything is baking (i don't know why they keep lookin: frozen burritos is about as fancy as i get). so, when they come in to see what i am making, wether something is boiling on the stove, simmering in a pan, or even cooking in the microwave, i tell them if they touch and get close, " you will burn your hand, and we we will have to cut it off!" this one works pretty well. they usually don't hang around too long!hmmm.... as i look back and read all my little stories, it seems my favorite method of deterring the children from doing things, is installing fear into the very depths of their young little souls!as i am always good for simple humor,i will continue sharing! i hope these made you laugh a bit and even remind you of things you say to your beloved ones! please share so we can all feel better about those little white lies we tell our kids to keep them safe, or us sane! i think it's harmless measures we as parents just have to take sometimes! besides, whose pants ever really start on fire? whose nose really grows inches? harmless, i say, harmless

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the face behind the lense said...

So I don't have children, (yet) but I am an aunt and a girlfriend to a man who has a 2 year old, so I can relate a little. Besides I remember growing up and my parents telling me that Dr. Pepper was for adults only.

As for our little white lie, we tell the two year old that her medicine is candy so she'll eat it.